Early Years Scotland Membership & Insurance

Connel Toddlers is a member of the Early Years Scotland which until recently was known as the  Scottish Pre-School Play Association (SPPA). We also have insurance for the group through Early Years Scotland.

Early Years Scotland support children and families in Scotland through the development of quality early education and childcare services.

Early Years Scotland aims to develop active communities where children and families are supported to realise their potential.

Early Years Scotland support the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and in particular teh following principles and values that underpin all aspects of their work;

Principles that promote:

  • The welfare of each child
  • Parents as the first and foremost educators of their children
  • Working in partnership with others

Values confirming:

  • Children are unique and should be respected as individuals, with rights, needs and views of their own
  • The right of children to play and its importance in children’s care, learning and development
  • Parents as partners in the children’s care, learning and development
  • Inclusiveness, individuality, differences and diversity are valued and celebrated
  • Equality of opportunity for all children and adults

To find out more information about Early Years Scotland visit http://earlyyearsscotland.org/

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